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Thursday 30 June 2022

Fruit supplement eyes Asian markets following funding

26th November 2020 By Staff Reporter | | @foodtickernz

A New Zealand-developed boysenberry and apple supplement is on track to get a leg-up in Asian markets after receiving a $651,553 funding boost for research into its ability to repair damage to lungs caused by air pollution.

Plant & Food Research was recently awarded the cash through the High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge to launch a study, which would test BerriQi and its reparative properties. 

BerriQi was developed by the Crown research institute and nutraceutical company Anagenix, who have co-invested in ongoing research and development of the product which is said to protect against pollution-induced lung damage in humans – a side-effect of living in large cities.

The research will expand on current understanding of BerriQi’s beneficial health effects with the objective of increasing export revenue for New Zealand through the Asian market, according to the HVN Challenge.

It added that the “leading-edge” HVN-funded research “provides an opportunity to provide scientific validation that supports the marketing of a product made from these Aotearoa New Zealand-grown fruit.”

Plant & Food Research lead researcher Dr Odette Shaw, said that pre-clinical models have identified that the BerriQi combination of Boysenberry and apple can help reduce inflammation in the airways, support tissue repair and reduce lung fibrosis, and this research will allow for clinical trails to determine whether this effect is seen in humans.

The Plant & Food Research team would collaborate with the University of Otago in Wellington to run the clinical trials.

The HVN Challenge is a mission-led programme of innovative research into the health attributes of NZ produced foods for major export markets. The HVN Contestable Fund Request for Proposals remains open for applications.



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