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Tuesday 12 December 2023

Columbus Coffee backs Better Chicken, tops ranking report

15th August 2023 By Staff Reporter | | @foodtickernz

The country’s largest dedicated coffee chain, Columbus Coffee, is the latest brand to sign the Australia-New Zealand Better Chicken Commitment for its 75 café locations.

The agreement with the cafe’s parent company, Café Brands, will also see eight franchised restaurants under the Mexico brand adhere to the commitment.

Led in New Zealand by advocacy charity Animals Aotearoa, the BCC lays out strict, science-based welfare standards for chickens bred for meat; standards which exceed those currently set by the New Zealand government.

Columbus joins other foodservice brands including The Coffee Club and chicken restaurant chain Bird On A Wire as a signatory to the BCC.

Animals Aotearoa has also completed a report rating ten well-known nationwide coffee outlets on their
corporate responsibility in animal welfare.

The report ranks Aotearoa’s two largest dedicated coffee chains, Columbus Coffee and The
Coffee Club, as “BCC-Leaders – Signed the BCC”, making them industry frontrunners with
the highest chicken welfare standards.

Other big brands like Robert Harris and Coffee Culture have been rated neutrally, categorised as “BCC- Friendly – Not yet signed the BCC but engaging in active discussion”. Brands trailing behind with the worst chicken welfare policy include Hollywood Espresso Bakery and Starbucks.



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