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Saturday 21 May 2022

Wednesday Letter: Food Ticker is transforming – here’s our road map

4th May 2022 By Bridget O'Connell | | @foodtickernz

Food Ticker is changing over the next couple of months to put itself on a more sustainable financial footing and to provide even better coverage of New Zealand’s dynamic food sector, writes publisher Bridget O’Connell.

Publisher Bridget O’Connell

We soft launched Food Ticker a year ago to gauge interest in specialist New Zealand food and beverage industry news and insight. Incredibly, there was no specialist title dedicated to rigorous and consistent daily coverage of New Zealand’s most important sector. 

Our focus would be on private and public sector investment, food and beverage innovation, and New Zealand market intelligence – what are people, businesses, organisations and government actually doing, how are they doing it, and what will it mean for them, the wider sector, and consumers?  

We’re pleased to say we’ve been warmly received with around 2,500 food and beverage professionals and local and central government workers receiving our industry bulletin every single day; the audience heavily skewed towards senior executives and general managers, policymakers, and owners and founders. That’s without doing a shred of marketing apart from the odd post on LinkedIn to let our work speak for itself.  

There’s obviously a strong appetite for good information and insight to help guide the decisions of industry professionals. We can also tell that there’s a real desire for connection within the sector and an acknowledgement that as New Zealand moves towards a more sustainable future, food and beverage has an outsized role to play that can only be realised if industry works together. 

A timely investment report notes the global leadership a sustainable food sector in New Zealand can play in the journey to a carbon zero world but for many, the issues are complex and fraught with risk, even if the journey is vital. We hope Food Ticker will become an important resource for professionals during a transformational period for global food. And, as one owner told us, “the F&B industry deserves its own title”. We want to fill the gap.

To do so, we’ve been looking at an appropriate business model so that Food Ticker can become a sustainable business, with everything considered from government funding, display and classified advertising, paid newsletters, sponsorships and sponsored content, and subscriptions. While we expect all of those to play some role, the most sustainable path forward for us at this stage is to start charging for access to our content through subscriptions. 

That income will allow us to start building a proper editorial team (currently 1.5 journalists) so we can cover New Zealand food and beverage in the way it deserves, with better insight, more discerning and responsive content, and a stronger editorial voice. It will also allow us to bring you more food and beverage sector voices as we build our roster of commissioned columnists and contributors to give us all more perspectives on the challenging issues of the day.

As a micro media outlet, Food Ticker has only scratched the surface of New Zealand’s massive and complex food system, and subscriptions will help us achieve three main goals:

  1. Provide enough income to cover the costs of producing Food Ticker.
  2. Align us closer to readers who find the Ticker useful so we can concentrate on supporting their information needs.
  3. Provide deeper and more varied content like data insights, podcasts, and videos with more comprehensive coverage of the many people, businesses and organisations that make the sector the most important in the country.      

How much will it cost to subscribe to Food Ticker? We will be asking individual subscribers for $360 + GST per year – under a dollar a day – with discounted group subscriptions. Our paywall will start mid-year but before then we will be offering an Early Bird discount to recognise the support our current readers have shown. For group subscriptions, we’ll be reaching out to food and beverage companies and sector-related agencies and organisations well before our paywall starts.

We will share more details on the subscription timing and packages in the Daily Digest and on the website over the coming weeks.

We believe Food Ticker has made a good start producing useful content for New Zealand’s food and beverage sector. We also believe that it can do much more, even better, to provide professionals, businesses, organisations and government with a truly valuable service. To do that, we need your support.

Thank you to all of our readers over the past year. You will notice a few changes to both the Daily Digest and our website over the coming weeks and we hope you’ll find them useful in your working day.

Thanks again for your support,

Bridget O’Connell
Food Ticker



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