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Friday 03 December 2021

Halal-certified red meat exports up 13%

25th November 2021 By Staff Reporter | | @foodtickernz

Halal-certified red meat exports increased 13% during the 2020-21 season with most product going to non-Muslim markets, says the Meat Industry Association.

New Zealand exported a total of 471,072 tonnes of halal product during the year to September 2021, which made up 46.5% of total red meat and offal exports. This compared to 417,323 tonnes the previous year.

China was the largest market purchasing 341,618 tonnes, 74% of the total and a 23% increase on the previous year.

The United States was the second-highest with 20,042 tonnes, followed by Canada’s 18,945 tonnes, Indonesia with 17,604 tonnes, Saudi Arabia with 7,710 tonnes, and Malaysia with 7,289 tonnes.

MIA said demand has more than doubled since 2015-16, when halal-certified red meat exports totalled 232,328 tonnes.



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